So... as the desc says FNAE is one of my Fnaf Fangames. Anyways Lets get on with the lore.

Endro's Burgers and More happens after H.A.M. <-- lol Or Horror Animatronic Museum. HAM is where FNAE 3 takes place at. Its original plan according to lore was to Bring it back and alive, business-wise. So like in FNAF kids posses the animatronics, The one that possess "Endro" is a boy named Ethan who (The following script is NOT cannon to FNAF I repeat, NOT cannon to FNAF) is according to FNAE lore is Crying Child and Pigtail Girl's cousin. The next animatronic is.. Actualy I'm bad at naming so please don't make fun of this xD... Skele-girl, she is a female chica-like character who has a girl by the name of July possessing her. The following animatronic ALSO has bad naming: Creeper-Bot. Yeah part of this game was inspired by Minecraft, my first favourite game, until FNAF and Undertale. The boy possessing "Creeper-bot" Is named Ryan. Ryan had a different death then the other kids, ill explain later.

Now this animatronic named: Billy, he was added by my friend and is now cannon to FNAE. I haven't asked him who or what controls/possess Billy, so ill skip him. The next animatronic is called "X-trap" who is NOT a fanmde version of Springtrap, more of Spring-bonnie. This animatronic is possessed by 2 souls of 2 twins: Marry and Mathew, which Is the reason, if I ever actualy finished and posted FNAE, he would be really random.

And now for the one that KILLED them all....

Blue guy aka James Smith.

When he kills he has a pattern, it goes like this:

"Hi there kid, want some cake?" (If they weren't creeped by that, idk what will)

"Don't you wanna play?" (Most little kids get lured by that :P)

"I have a knife to cut a slice of cake" (I think we all know what he really means)

"I see you"

"And now I DONT"

After that last line, the kid, or kids are most likely dead.

This all happened to all the kids except Ryan. Creeper-bot is a prototype v3, but he is put on the stage anyways, Once a bite of 87 incident happened at the test location, were the kid now possess Creeper-bot.

Anyways that's all I got today! See ya laterrrrrr