Five Nights at Endro's 2 is the sequel to FNAE 1, were new animatronics, not toys but similar versions of the old ones are created. The old ones are put aside for parts and ect. According to lore the creator of the first FNAE resturaunt (FNAE 1) Wanted to bring back Endro's due to success and now being rich.

Obviously more kids were murdered, They are (N. Endro = Justin (N. Creeper-bot = Obert (N. Skele-Girl = Megan ( X-trap = Mason) Once again I couldn't get the kid that possess Billy because my friend created him.

There are new animatronics aswell, these just have glitching errors that cause them to move at night. They are: Wolfy,

Skelenette, and... um actualy I didn't add anyone else xD

Now this place would have been going on for a long time, but there was an animatronic cleaning machine that mistaken the night guard, for an animatronic, and uhhhh the night guard died. The next day police were investigating, and the place was closed down. Both the new animatronics, and old ones were dismantled.

So technicly lore-wise, this would be the end of the timeline... O R. I S. I T?.

Well anyways that's all I got for today, see ya later!.